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The Jigge Is Up: Dance in Shakespeare's Time
with Flying Forms, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This event was part of the series "Early Music Exposed," organized by
New York Early Music Central, a project of the Early Music Foundation
"lively and kaleidoscopic"
The New York Times

The Royals Baptism and Ballet,
with Piffaro, Parthenia, and the Blue Heron Renaissance Choir

"Any concert that features their work [the New York Historical Dance Company]
must be considered a don't-miss event."
The Broad Street Review, Philadelphia

Dido and Aeneas
"flavorful movements of the New York Historical Dance Company ... effectively used masks and graceful or comic baroque dancing by witches, courtiers and drunk sailors"
The Washington Post

La Dafne
"the choreography...was sensuous and affecting"
The New York Times

"Dorothy Olsson's choreography breathed freely"
The New York Times

Music of the Western Country
"the dancing was lively, sometimes amusing and so well directed that it almost looked spontaneous"
The New York Times

Le Gratie d'Amore
the dancers "move with a lovely flowing style"
Philadelphia Welcomat